Sunday, December 04, 2011

SM StyleWatch Most Stylish 2011 Winners

Hey Lovelies,

I am so excited to finally announce this on my blog!
Out of more than 150 participants SM have chosen 26 Most Stylish women who participated their contest.
All you need to do is to submit your most stylish photo together with your contact details. 
There are two sets of winners, the first one will receive Fashion Week tickets and the second one will get an exclusive PFW item from SM Ladies' Wear. 

The judges evaluated the entries based on 2 criteria: 
sense of style-50% and for the over all look-50%. 

I decided to join the contest just for fun and excitement.
Fortunately, I am one of the lucky winners.

I received my prize from Ms. Crystel Gonzales of Omnicom.

SM Most Stylish 2011 Winners

1. Agnes Marie Therese Chang
2. Beatricce Faustino
3. Chiara Causaren
4. Danielle Leonardo
5. Diana Carla Geling
6. Ericka Angeles
7. Eunice Capili
8. Francez Bunda
9. Gladys Ann Pique
10. Icy Marie Encinas
11. Ina Lora Yambao
12. Jacqueline David-
13. Jessa Marisse Marapao
14. Karri Maxine Lim
15. kresia Joy Absalon
16. Krianne Charell Villa
17. Lynch Gay Oro
18. Marie Jesrhel Co
19. Sarah Odessa Natanauan
20. Sheelah Aguila
21. Tristan Karyl Cruz
22. Vida Belle Bayanin
23. Chinnie Cruz
24. Raquel Faye Muncada
25. Quinnie Capri
26. Patricia Lou Sevilleno

Fashion Week Tickets Winners:

Francez Bunda
Icy Marie Encinas
Agnes Marie Therese Chang
Patricia Lou Sevilleno
Karen Diokno
Gladys Ann Pique
Krianne Charell Villa
Jessa Marisse Marapao
Jacqueline David-
Karen Ann Phoa
Diana Carla Geling
Janice Alicia Sevilla
Karri Maxine Lim
Quinnie Capri
Vida Belle Bayanin
Eunice Capili
Adelma Tercia

Congratulations, Ladies! 

Thank you so much SM Stylewatch !!!

By the way, here's my entries:

Thank you for viewing!


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