Tuesday, September 13, 2011

*** Beauty, Wellness and Spa day at VIMARA ***

Everyone should have a  relaxation, pampering, indulgence and luxury time for themselves  at least once a month, one of my favorite is the spa treatment. The most popular is the massage and it has been around for thousands of years and has a number of health benefits.
Check out this page for more details about  health benefits of spa treatment

My bestfriend Gelyn and I wanted to get away from all the stress lately so I booked for an appointment at the Vimara Wellness Spa. This goes hand in hand as well with the long overdue promise to Gelyn that I'll accompany her to my favorite spa in Cabanatuan City plus that I'll be focusing on taking care of myself so much better.

I decided to wear something comfy and chic with an Off shoulder top by Just Ur Size,
denim shorts, flats by Prima Donna and a gifted ruby red bag. 

Our appointment was at 4pm and we need to be at their place at least 20 minutes before the set appointment so I could still take my time whether I wanted to go have a steam bath and go to the Sauna. We wanted to go for one of their body scrub treatment and a full body massage of my choice which is the Swedish Massage( my most favorite).

I arrived earlier than Gelyn,  I was led to their waiting area and was asked if I wanted  a cup of lemon grass tea or coffee. First and foremost, I am not a fan of hot tea, of any kind at all, that I can tell you that's why I picked the latter. 

After a few minutes my bestfriend came in her floral white maxi dress, she looks amazing and lovely as always. We took photos for my blog and the afterwards we left our footwear on their shoe racks beside the reception area and we wore slippers that were provided to the customers to use exclusively inside their spa. They gave us two keys for our lockers, of course this is for our personal stuff like wallet, cellphones, cameras, blah, blah. 

We had a 20 minutes steam bath instead of sauna. Then we were dressed in our lavender robes and led to our exclusive massage suite. Although it's not my first time in Vimara I am always pleased with the ambiance. I immediately felt calm and serene with the mood set in the room. The therapist assigned to me, assisted me with my robe, helped in making sure I was lying down in a comfortable position.
Last time I went there was before my wedding day and I had a combination massage of swedish and Shiatsu, 
To tell you honestly, I prefer swedish since I always played safe and I had a vocational course about massage therapy plus Shiatsu is a bit hard for me. You must consult your therapist first about your health issues before having any kinds of treatment for your own safety.
I think that's the the only SOP thing Vimara didnt apply, they should ask their clients first about their health history or conditions for both ends security and safety. 

My first treatment was the body scrub. It was blissful! Body scrub isnt really new to me so I was used to all of it but the body massage was really heavenly! I can almost hear my back screaming in their absolute delight and thanking me for treating them to such an experience. :)

 It felt so good that I almost fell asleep.  I loved it. I felt wonderfully good and gave me that sense of calm and tranquility which I really wanted. I loved every minute of it.

Their staff are all nice, approachable and attentive. Well it was based on my own experience. My "suki" is Laila and Gely is "Anne". 
Over-all, for Vimara is a 7 out of 10. They have a peaceful massage area and they also have a wide parking lot area.

After every treatment I can really say that it was worth the splurge. I definitely felt glowing, refreshed and rejuvenated. I am now ready to face the world and all the stress that goes along with it, knowing that there's always a spa treatment center like Vimara Wellness Spa at the end of the day to retreat to. :)



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