Friday, December 23, 2011

*** What's the color of your Christmas 2011? ***

Hey Lovelies,

On our Holiday party, me and my best of friends decided to have a new theme. 
Unlike others who have fabulous costumes or typical inspiration to their Christmas events. Ours is much simpler yet unique and meaningful. 
We need to wear the color of Christmas or what we had in the year of 2011 and what we're looking forward for 2012.

How about you lovely readers and friends, do you already know what's the color of your Christmas 2011? 

This is to help us reflect on what we did this year and what we want to do next year on the year of the Dragon.

White, Gold and Black

2011 is definitely one of my most blessed and exciting year that's why I wore something with gold,white and black.Gold is for my achievements and white is for still having a well balanced life with love, family and friends. I think I got what I want and what I need this year and it's been a productive one.

On the other hand, I also wore something with black for the memory of my grandpa who passed away this year and of course for all the trials that I overcome.

Skirt: Erzullie
Heels: Rusty Lopez
Earrings: Gifted

Baby Blue

One of my best friend Roxanne is having her first baby, maybe that's her reason why she wore a baby blue top.
She looks good on it and it complements her skin tone well. 


My sister Jaydee wore a yellow dress to welcome the year 2012 with happiness, cheerfulness and positiveness. 


My best friend Gelyn prefers a safe, secure and balanced existence in 2012.
She would also like to be in control of her emotions and say goodbye to all the negativity of 2011 that's why she wore gray as her Christmas color.


My best friend Bhev's wore violet, 2011 has been a tough year for her.She is seeking for more  emotional security and would like to create order and perfection in all areas of her life this coming 2012, including her spiritual life with her family and kids.


Vina's christmas color is green because she wants to love more and be loved this coming 2012 and also to feel more safe and secure.

Light Brown

Maricel wore a light brown for a safe, secure, simple and comfortable existence with supportive family and friends on 2012.

No matter what we had this year, let's all be thankful for 2011 and let's look forward to a better 2012. 
Stay blessed and happy everyone! 

Thank you for reading!



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