Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Celebrity Style for Less: #1 Kim Kardashian

Hey Lovelies,

Once in a while I will be posting a celebrity style look for less. These posts will  feature me as a copy cat of my celebrity icons and one of them is Kim Kardashian.
Although we love our own and unique style,it's fun to imitate our favorite celebrities. It's like having a free fashion stylist. 
In addition to this, do not expect exact look since celebrities are using designer brand items.
Always remember that money doesn’t buy style!!! ^_^

I can tell she really loves her casuals which I like about her. She can add statement pieces to her outfit, to make it look gorgeous!

This is Kim's style #1, because I'll be posting a lot of her style. 

Jeans: LeviStrauss
Heels: Janilyn
Top:  G2000 (My husband's shirt) lol

Please do not hesitate to comment about my posts, I would love to hear from you lovely readers. :)

Thank you for reading!




Andrea said...

I love it!!!

Barbie jhaki said...

Thank you Andrea, stay tuned to my next posts about celebrity styling for less. :)

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