Blog Campaign

My blog is and I started it last March 2011.
I named it Barbie Jhaki because I want to change many people’s perception that you should look as artificial as a Barbie doll before you can be fashionable, beautiful and feel good about yourself.

This is my campaign for a change about the standards of beauty and the images of allegedly perfect bodies.
The ideal women should have a well balance life with family, friends and a career to have a healthy, worthy and happy life.
I would love to inspire others that a real woman has her own individual shape and should embrace her skin and curves.

As a beauty and fashion blogger, I would like to use the power of my blog to increase the self esteem of my readers and to unleash their confidence through my inspirational messages and fashion/beauty tips.
Make them believe that women should do what they need, reach what they want and know what they have, despite their 
We should not let a good spirit down.
Keep in mind that everyone is unique and no one is perfect plus each and everyone still have room for improvements.

I also think that loving our self is the best way to thank God for this wonderful and amazing life.

Barbie Jhaki
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