Monday, December 12, 2011

***What to wear to a Christmas Dinner Party ***

Hey Lovelies,

OMG- it’s that time of year where you need to dig up party clothes that you will never wear again! Well, maybe not…

Party dresses are one of life's universal simple pleasures. Like spa, chocolate or shopping. You get to indulge in all of these at Christmas, which is why Christmas is brilliant. The festive season makes life a bit more jazzy, in the midst of all the cold and dark; what's not to love about that?
I stand by the sartorial principle that it is always, always better to be overdressed than under dressed. Always give your 101% to be Fabulous!!!
When shopping for a party dress, the moment you need to focus on is the first instant you see yourself in the changing-room mirror, if you can't leave the store without buying the dress then keep it!  It's like searching for your one true ^_^
  • Look HOT  but not exposing too much.
  • It's better to be overdressed than under dressed,remember this is a PARTY! ^_^
  • Be Practical, do Mix the high and low fashion finds for maximum impact without breaking the bank.
  • Don’t get too sparkly like a disco ball but opt for more sheen, like a good quality silk satin.
  • You can tone down something very glitzy and still look modern by wearing black opaque tights… the contrast is very edgy.
  • Maximum of two- three color combinations, to stay coordinated.
  • At themed parties, don't get over board unless you want to win the best in costume award.(if there is any) lol.
  • Don’t forget to only wear heels that you can walk in.
  • Bring flat footwear -partying with 3-4 inches heels all night long is really tiring, bring some flats that you can wear after the party. 
  • Minimize your accessories, unless you want to look like a walking Christmas tree, remember LESS is MORE. ^_^
What to wear

***Little White Dress***
The biggest thing in today's cocktail wear fashion, the rise of the white dresses' popularity had earned its way to almost every woman's closet. When its versatility was taken to greater heights with the newer fashionable designs of white party dresses featured in runway shows, it breathed new life into the party wear trend. 
Some may still be a little cautious about wearing white because of the notion that it makes a woman look a size bigger. Such is not true. Anyone can actually look fuller in any color if wearing the wrong style for the wrong body type. Looking good in any color is really a matter of choosing the right cut and the right fit. Women have different body types. Today's wide selection of different styles of white dresses makes every woman's desire of slipping into a pretty white party dress no longer a distant dream.

*** Sparkling & Metallic***

And of course the highstreet is packed full of these sparkly lovelies, which brighten up any style, just in time for the Christmas party season.
Go for a simple tunic dress for a casual work party or go all out with a fierce bodycon number. If you’re not too keen on showing off those pins then there’s also a great range of metallic tees, which look great teamed up with shinny jeans
Dress by: Erzullie

***Party Skirts***

If you have a broad shoulder and a fuller upper part you should wear a plain black top and a fancy skirt. This will draw the attention to your hips.
Instead of buying a dress ,with this style you will save a lot.

Image by:PartySkirts

Skirt by Erzullie

Skirt by Erzullie

Skirt by:Erzullie

Skirts by: PartySkirts

Skirts by: Erzullie

With Black Skirts: by Erzullie

Party Dress

Dress by: Erzullie

*** MAXI Dress ***

2011 is the year of maxi dresses!!!
Maxi dresses aren’t only sexy and comfortable, but also straightforward to don and get rid of. For 2011, designers went wild releasing an unstoppable array of novel new appears in maxi dresses, numerous new types included. Each strapped and strapless types, sleeved and sleeveless styles, they’re tightly skim the body’s curves.

Dress by: MINT

***Wear your color***

You should always prefer your signature color or the one that will complement your skin tone.

Just remember that confidence, positive attitude and personality is our greatest assets especially during occasions and gatherings. 

No matter what you are wearing, be proud of your beauty, body and skin. 

Thank you for reading!




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