Friday, December 09, 2011

***Reasons why I love Christmas***

Hey Lovelies,

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Not just my favorite holiday, but my favorite time of year. It's not necessarily because of the presents, there's just something about the season plus the atmosphere that makes Christmas my all-time favorite.

*The true meaning of Christmas
Jesus was born!—God brought our Savior into the world. I think that’s the best reason ever to celebrate.
It is truly a Holy Day (the original meaning of the word holiday) where we are supposed to be observing/celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and not only to be surrounded by the commercialism that this glorious event has come to be thought of.

While there are world issues that separate nations and peoples, Christmas is also something that everyone on Earth can share.

*Christmas Songs 
I love listening to Christmas songs and my favorites are My only wish by Britney Spears, All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, Please come home for Christmas by Bon Jovi  and of course OPM songs.

*Christmas Decorations 
it fills energy and love to an ambiance,they are sparkly, glittery, colorful and twinkly!

*Christmas weather and the  Season Scent is one of a kind.
Ok, so I live in the Philippines, so we don't exactly get the whole snow ordeal to the extent the other countries does.However, we still feel the cold breeze of this special season.
*Christmas Presents-Let’s be honest we all like the present aspect of Christmas. 
*Christmas Mall Sale -In spite of mad shoppers and grumpy retail workers, I revel in the air of Christmas. Ok, cliche as it sounds, it really is magical to me.
*Christmas Foods, Yummy!
Here in our country most of the famous foods and delicacies during Christmas are Fruit Salad, Quezo de Bola, Halayang Ube and many more. We called the  Christmas dinner and holiday treats as Noche Buena, where you need to stay awake till midnight of the 24th of December.
*Christmas Family Reunions
I love this holiday because the family makes an effort to be together. We do nice things for one another.I know for some family can be a touchy subject. But family does not have to only be your blood relatives, it can be your friends and neighbors. 

*Christmas Parties
This is one of my top favorite, I love parties!

and don't forget the...

Christmas Bonuses
This applies to the working people out there, I know you too are excited to get your bonuses. 

Have a happy Holiday everyone!!!

Thank you everyone! Enjoy your holiday! :)



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