Thursday, December 15, 2011

Featured Girlfriend *** Nerlyn ***

Hey Lovelies,

I would like you to meet my featured girlfriend of the week, Nerlyn.
She's one of my husband's prettiest cousin. 

This lady represents the true beauty and personality of the youth of today,
vibrant, fun, friendly, bubbly,fashionable and smart.
She can also managed to wear any outfits from sporty, casual, elegant or even a cosplay costume.
What I love about her is her charm and refreshing gorgeousness. 

Get to know her more with my mini interview:

Nickname: Nerlyn
country: Philippines
fashion style icon: I LOVE Beyonce's look:) SOOO stylish!;D 
favorite brand/store: guess/ aldo/ h&m

Work/hobbies/interests: playing badminton, having a good time with my true friends, out of town im also a bookworm :) 

3 things women should be or should have: confident,independent,modest 

What do you love about barbiejhaki's blog: what i love about barbiejhaki's blog is that I can see not only the beauty of a girl but the true meaning of how to be a girl and it gives me an update to every fashion clothes, shoes etc... and whenever i see this blog i feel like im a fashion model at the same time 

She's now a graduating student of BS in Nursing, congratulations Nerlyn!!!
We're so proud of you, keep it up!

Thank you for viewing lovely readers!



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