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What to wear to a wedding as a GUEST?

It's June again the most famous month for weddings.

Do you already have an invitation to a wedding? 

Wondering what you should wear?

Before you hit the mall or surf the web to find something to wear, take a little time to determine what's appropriate. 

Different types of weddings call for different types of attire, and if you're going to spend the money on something new, you want to be sure you've got the dress code right.

So where do you start?

With the invitation.

Beach Weddings

Garden Wedding or Out-Doors

Formal Wedding

One of the neat things about invitations is that they tell you so much more than just who, what, where, and when. 
If you take the time to "read between the lines," the invitation will provide you with valuable clues about the person who sent it and what you'll find once you get there.

Here's what to look for:
1. The Date
If you'll be traveling, never assume that the weather will be the same where you're going as it is where you are, even if you're just traveling 100 miles.  Study the history to see what's appropriate weather-wise.

2. The Time
Next, note what time the wedding starts. If it's before 6 pm, then it will be LESS formal than if it's after 6 pm.

3. The Place

 A wedding in a big city (or one of its suburbs) will always be more formal than a wedding in a small town. 
A wedding in a church or synagogue is always more formal than a wedding in a garden, in a beach or at a home. Similarly, a reception at a museum or cultural center will always be more formal than one at a lodge or town hall.

4. The Invite
Finally, look at the invitation itself. Is it a heavy cardstock? Is it a classic color? Does it have formal wording or a fancy script? If so, expect the function to be more formal than one where the invitation is an unusual color, uses casual language or has a contemporary font. Since most people send out invitations that keep to the theme and tone of their wedding, this detail reveals a lot.
If you're unable to glean the appropriate attire from the clues on the invitation, consider this: A social suit or dress for daytime or a little black dress for evening will take you to just about any wedding in style.

From floral prints to soft ruffles, choose a ladylike dress for a perfectly girlie look. Dresses that highlight your waist are feminine, fun and always appropriate. Opt for pretty shades and patterns in cheery colors, in keeping with the mood of the happy event.
Daytime outfits can be worn with neutral shoes for a polished look that isn't too dressy. If the ceremony is inside, you can go more traditional in heels. Flats are best if you're going to be in the grass or sand. Try a metallic flat sandal to give your dress a more special feel.
A cute clutch in a woven material adds texture to an outfit.
Floral Dress

Solid colors

Soft & Romantic

for her
  • a fun floral dress
  • a skirt and a sweater set with slingback shoes.
  • a light colored suit – try to stay away from black, navy or anything that looks like you're going to the office. 
  • a beautiful hat that coordinates with your outfit.
for him
  • In the summertime, a light-colored suit, especially linen or seersucker. 
  • Winter weddings call for warmer clothing, including wool suits, a navy blazer with charcoal pants, and perhaps a sweater and tie underneath a blazer.
  • A dress shirt, tie and dress pants is acceptable, but dress it up with a blazer if you can. 
  • If the invitation says formal, wear a dark suit. Tuxedoes are not appropriate before 6 pm.


Luxe fabrics and gorgeous colors are a great way to go glam without being over-the-top. Try a one-shoulder style for a bold, on-trend look. Go dramatic without being too sexy in dresses with notice-me details that aren't ultra bare work best. Black is always appropriate but don't be afraid to have fun with color. To lend a festive feel to your outfit, add a rich touch with shiny fabrics, romantic details and sparkly accents.
Pair your evening look with standout heels that feel celebration-ready in metallics, satin and sparkle.
A fancy clutch with gold, ruffles or bows is worthy of a special occasion.

Evening Wedding

Cocktail dresses

Little Black dress

This dress is sophisticated and sultry by night. Very elegant and looks just perfect. The dress gathered bust with silk charmeuse detail. It’s cross-over, draped front.

for her
  • dress as you would if you were going out to the theater or to dinner.
  • a cocktail dress – nothing too sexy but something fun to dance in. Black is fine.
  • a dressy suit or a cocktail suit
  • wear darker colors and look for something sophisticated 
  • avoid beads or sequins unless the invitation specifically says black tie
for him
  • a dark suit is always appropriate
  • If the invitation says casual or semi-formal, you can wear a blazer and slacks with a nice tie.
Black-tie Optional

for her
  • A cocktail dress, perhaps to the floor
for him
  • If you have a tuxedo, or just like wearing one, by all means do so
  • Otherwise, wear a dark suit. Dress as formally as you can.
Black Tie

for her

Formal floor length dress

  • a formal dress, usually to the floor 
  • bring out those beaded purses, fancy wraps and formal jewelry that's been waiting for an occasion such as this
  • black tie weddings almost always involve dancing, so don't wear anything too constricting
for him
  • a tuxedo is the only appropriate thing to wear. If it says creative black tie, he should still wear a tuxedo, perhaps with a black shirt or collarless white shirt.

You can keep away chills with versatile but refined cover-ups. Scarves in pale, pretty shades lend a sophisticated look and can be wrapped around your neck or shoulders. Sweaters in lightweight fabrics won't add extra bulk. Try drapey, no-button styles for a polished look that's perfect for Spring and Summer.
  • White. (This rule has relaxed some, and you can get away with wearing a printed dress with a white background and some cream colored clothing. Just be careful not to upstage the bride.)

  • Black to a daytime wedding
Wearing a pure black dress to a day time wedding  is a BIG- No-No!
It's like you're down lifting a happy ambiance of the event, save your black dress to a night out affair or gatherings.


  • Jeans
It's okay if the wedding is too laid back, but if it isn't well obviously you need to dress up. 

Would you like to ruin their wedding photos that they're going to keep   for the  rest of their lives? Then wear something inappropriate, you will surely succeed. 

  • Anything too sexy or revealing
Save your sexy outfit to the bridal shower however on the exact wedding be stunning but decent. 
Avoid wearing too revealing outfits unless you want to get all the attention. 
Piece of advice,if you were invited by the couple especially the bride it means you're special to them so show some RESPECT.

  • Anything torn, with holes, stained, too big or too small for you!
If you do not have a nice pair of clothes to wear, it's okay to be honest tell your closest best friend your situation. For sure he/she has an extra outfit to lend you on your friends BIG day.

But if you decided to wear a torn, stained  or something not presentable , you need to seek a professional help.

When attending a wedding, subtle is always best. Think soft, pretty or romantic instead of sultry, edgy or drastic. The bottom line is weddings are about one girl and one girl only. She’s the one wearing white… and possibly something blue. It’s her day to shine so save that statement-making look you’ve been dying to try for another event. When choosing a hair style, opt for something simple and classic. Maybe soft curls or a smooth up-do. Keep makeup clean with a neutral palette. Every wedding is different, but whether it is a grand black tie event or a backyard BBQ, keep wedding hair and makeup polished and pretty.

- Lauren Conrad

Thanks for reading!


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