Thursday, May 19, 2011

An all time fashion must have : ***Sun glasses***

One of my favorite accessories are sun glasses,  they're easy as pie to throw on and can instantly transform a so-so outfit into a movie-star-quality ensemble. haha! :P

Sunglasses are undoubtedly a fashion staple that can boost your style and look in the finest way possible. 
Nowadays, sunglasses are more than mere shades that protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays and glares. They are sported today not only because they serve as eye shields, but also because wearing them makes us look good.

The sunglasses of today come in a wide array of styles and features to suit every look and personality. Since women are so fond of mixing and matching their outfits, it is not enough for many women to own just a single pair of eyewear. Lots of women have their own sunglasses collection so that they never fall short in style whatever the season may be or whatever occasion they’ll be going to. Thankfully, finding cheap priced sunglasses has been made easy by trusted online retailers of sunglasses, so you too can make have your own sunglasses collection without spending beyond your budget.

Anyway,  that's the beauty of summer shades: they come in a million shapes & sizes & colors & patterns... and I love them all! 

Fashion Designers and style  icons have embraced eye wear as an accessory.

Fashion trends often repeat themselves, and eyeglasses trends are no exception.
Eye wear designers constantly look back over eras in history to find past trends that they can recreate into something new and exciting.

One of my favorite is design of sun glasses is Aviator sunglasses 

I got this from wikipedia

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Aviator sunglasses were given their name due to their oblique teardrop shape, which matched those of the smoked-lens flying goggles which Ray-Ban was then selling to the Army and Navy. One undesirable result of wearing these goggles was the mismatched tan (darker on the face, lighter around the eyes) which developed.

General Douglas MacArthurwearing Aviator sunglasses
The Aviator became a well-known style of sunglasses when General Douglas MacArthur landed on the beach in the Philippines in World War II. Photographers snapped several pictures of him wearing them for newspapers.
The aviator style has been popular since the 1960s, but became even more so following pop culture references of 
Michael Jackson,  Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and later use by celebrities in films like Top Gun, where Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise sported them, Ray Ban aviators were also prominently featured in films Cobra starring Sylvester Stallone and To Live and Die in L.A.- where two main characters are seen wearing them through the film and in The Notebook where the character, Noah, played by Ryan Gosling is shown in one scene wearing them.

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Okay so that's the history behind the aviators sun glasses so moving on...

Classic aviator sunglasses have a dark metal frame and silver reflective lenses. There are many more modern versions and also feature modern brands likerayban and Gucci.
There are also replica versions available for those with a lower budget. 

Aviator sun glasses are truly timeless. They are modern and will always be in style in one age group or another. While stars like Tom Cruise and others use them in movies, making them popular, they will always be around as they go easily with any form of dress.If you’re looking for a style of glasses that will remain stylish for a while to come, aviators are a solid choice.
Just like any other set of sunglasses they just need to suite your face.
How to wear: Aviators look great with military jacketsshort leather biker jackets and fitted blue jeans, but are also extremely versatile and work with a wide range of outfits.

Sun glasses in my closet...

With my friends...

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