Monday, July 25, 2011

Bird Cage Veil

Hey Lovelies,

I fell in love with birdcage veil ever since I first saw it in films, magazines and celebrities.

As with many fashion trends, Hollywood happens to be our inspiration and this certainly holds true with the birdcage veil too! The top photos are of Katherine Heigl and Jamie Presley at their recent weddings and the bottom photos are movie weddings with Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four and Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama.
Now there are many versions of the birdcage veil, for instance it can be adorned with silk flowers or feathers or it can come to the chin or just cover the eyes. But just keep in mind with any style I suggest you sample them all. You never know what will look best on YOU until you give it a try.

If you do decide on a birdcage veil I personally recommend you keep the gown on the simple and elegant side and definitely wear the veil with confidence.

The birdcage veil continues to make a comeback in bridal fashion. Here are some hints about where to find one, and how to wear it.

Also known as cage veils, blusher veils and madonna veils, birdcage veils are made of wide, heavy netting known as French or Russian netting. The birdcage veil is quite short, coming to chin-length or even shorter. It is fastened to a bride's hair with combs or hairpins, and is a chic vintage look that goes with many types of dresses. A wonderful contrast to a modern wedding dress, the birdcage veil is equally suited to the bride planning a vintage-inspired wedding, whether they are wearing a tea-length dress, or an old-Hollywood-inspired glamour gown.

Styles of Birdcage Veils

  • Blusher Veil- a fuller veil, it is often placed at the crown of the head, where it is gathered, and the length covers the face, often down to the bride's chin, or even below. The blusher birdcage can create a kind of halo effect, and often encircles the bride's head.

  • Angle Veil - A veil that comes to just below the bride's eyes, it can be worn further back on the head, or set at an angle to cover only part of the bride's face

  • Bandeau Veil - almost like a mask, the bandeau style veil covers the bride's eyes or her entire face. The bandeau birdcage veil is fastened at each side of the bride's head with combs or hairpins. The bandeau birdcage veil is a lovely option for brides with short hair, or who will be wearing their hair down for their wedding day.

  • Wedge Veil - Placed at the side of the head or at the temple, the wedge veil is a birdcage veil that covers only one eye

Where To Find Birdcage Veils?

Based on my own experienced, I had a hard time searching for a bird cage here in the Philippines. It took me a while to find the perfect one. 
Since this kind of veil is still unusual here in my country, you really need an extra effort and of course an extra budget to find one. 

I went to different shopping malls in Manila or even in Divisoria or Quiapo  but none of them are selling the right one, which is  the Russian or french netting. They're only selling the typical tulle that are usually used for peticot.

I was really desperate to find the perfect veil so I also asked my cousin in the U.S. to find one for my wedding, where this kind of veil is easy to purchase. 

Thankfully, after two years of searching I found a supplier through online. 
I sent her my chosen design and she did it perfectly. 

Accessorizing Birdcage Veils
To complete the vintage look, birdcage veils can be combined with other bridal headpieces such as feather fascinators or other hair accessories. Some brides choose to remove their wedding veils for the reception, and wear only the fascinator. Brides considering this option should consult with their hair stylist to make sure the veil can easily be removed.

What Bride Should Wear Them?

Birdcage veils are excellent for brides who do not wish to wear a traditional veil, who love vintage wedding veils, or who a searching for a second, less-bulky veil for their wedding reception. The birdcage veil is a great wedding accessory for brides with both short and long hair.

During my Wedding

I wore a traditional veil during the ceremony and a birdcage veil at the reception. 

Thank you so much for viewing!




Honey Andrade said...

Such a pretty bride!! Congrats!! <3 By the way, you kinda look like Ara Mina.. :D

Barbie jhaki said...

Thank you so much Honey!
Really? I love Ara Mina.
Thanks again. :)

Anonymous said...

wedding bird cage veil very nice to see that you are doing for some good so i would like to thank you for sharing such a beautiful cages so nice of you dear i hope that you will post more for us

Barbie jhaki said...

Thank you for your nice comment dear and thank you for supporting my blog.

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