Sunday, June 05, 2011

Featured Girlfriend: Dominique Tiu

Hey Lovelies, 

Meet my new fashionista girlfriend and Icon in Chictopia. I've been her fan since I signed in it that fabulous website. 
What I love about Domz is her exquisite and unique fashion style. 
Get to know her better with my mini- interview.

Nickname: Domz
Country: Philippines

Who is your Fashion style Icon: 
Oh wow, a lot. My fascination started with Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jacky O. 
Later, it expanded to include people like Marianne Faithful, Edie Sedgwick, Lady Gaga, Model Freja Beha, Personalities like Alexa Chung, Marina from Marina and the Diamonds, and designers like Phoebe Philo, so on and forth.

 I have a day job as an account manager in television network, and as a brand consultant for a footwear chain. I also contribute in newspapers and magazines. I love fashion but apart from that, I’m pretty athletic and I love films and music.

What is your favorite brand/store?
 I get them just about anywhere! When I travel, I explore local brands as well as cheap markets. In my country, I get them from the local department stores. I also try my luck with online stores–they’re a treasure trove of unique pieces, and then I get the really trendy, prolific ones at High Street fashion stores like Topshop, Zara, Mango, Forever21, etc. I also go shopping in designer stores for classic staples or leather goods–Marc Jacobs being my favourite for apparel, Missoni for knits, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton and Goyard and Chanel for bags, and Tod’s or Michael Kors for shoes. Just about recently, I’ve gotten into thrifting.

For you,what is the top 3 things women should be or should have? 

1 designer bag that you can love and cherish forever, plus hand down to your future children. 
2.gorgeous button-down. 
3.And a pair of fancy footwear.

What do you love about barbiejhaki’s blog?
You present a unique style. ;)


Thank you so much Dominique for inspiring us.



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