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Featured Girlfriend *** Renata ***

Hey Lovelies,

One good thing about our passion for fashion is you'll gain new friends, not only in your own country but you will also meet people from different places
I'm glad because I met a lot of beautiful, friendly and stylish women around the globe in chictopia and one of my new found friend is Renata a Brazilian fashion enthusiast. 
However,she's currently residing in Holland with her husband and their baby.

I must say that she's one of my favorite chictopians, I love her unique and radiant style.
In addition to this, her creative ensembles showed off her stunning curves.

Get to know her more with my mini interview:

I don`t really have one! My husband calls me baby or even Ri because of my name! But my friends don`t call me like that, they just call me by my name :)
I am from Brazil, but I don`t live there, it`s too hot and I don`t like hot weather! So I live in Europe! We are in Holland for now :D
I live with my english husband and our baby boy that was born here in Amsterdam!

Who is your Fashion style Icon:
Angelina Jolie- but she is more like a human soul icon if you know what I mean! 

Kim Kardashian- it doesn`t matter what people think about her, she is one of my style icons because she really knows how to dress herself! 
Eva Mendes- another curvy woman that knows how to dress herself! 
Claudia Shiffer- could be Kate Moss, but Claudia is much better because she is a great model that doesn`t take drugs! 
Brigitte Bardot from old times! 
Victoria Beckham is one of my style icons too because her clothing line is trully CHIC, those clothes have the right length, the right fit and they look so sophisticated! 
Rachel Anne McAdams- but she is more like an actress icon, (she is amazing acting!)!
Jessica Alba- she is a mother like me but she didn`t stop being stylish just because she had kids! 

But I also want to say that my fashion icon is every girl that inspire me with their outfits on the streets or in their blogs, like you Jhaki for example!!!! 
I like so many things about fashion that it`s impossible for me to say the name of just one person!

Well I am a mother so maybe that counts as a work ;) I live to take care of my little baby, that is full time job every day and every hour! So I don`t have vacation, LOL. I don`t have any other job and one of the reasons is because I simply don`t trust to leave my baby with any babysitter! I am not really a housewife because we have a housekeeper, so I don`t need to do the cleaning job! But I did journalism university and my husband could actually give me a job in his company, but he says that I don`t need to work! Well he doesn`t want me to work, I can`t complain can I? 
And about a hobby, well, I can say that Chictopia is a hobby for me! It`s so nice to inspire people with your outfits and be inspired! 

What is your favorite brand/store?
Well I don`t really have a favorite brand or store because I buy what I like and doesn`t matter from where it is from! It can be even from a street market, why not?

For you,what is the top 3 things women should be or should have?
Two of them: Women should love and be loved! And the third one could be: every women should prefer food over clothes!!! The world has much poverty and I don`t agree with modeling starvation! Besides that, skinny models look so uggly! I prefer to see curves! Food is important every day and for everybody! I think much about that because I am originaly from a third world country so I know the reality, I have seen it! And I always tought that I am a very lucky girl, but I am not spoiled, although my husband tries to spoil me!

What do you love about barbiejhaki’s blog? 
That it talks about fashion! And it is a nice globalization to have this “Featured girlfriend of the week”! Cultural exchange is very important nowadays! Well done Jhaki! 
Hope you and you blog followers like the answers :) 
Thank you again!

Thank you so much Renata for your wonderful answers, I admire you for being a good mother and a gorgeous chictopian at the same time. 
You're truly amazing and keep inspiring others! 
See you in chictopia dear! :)

Thank lovely readers for viewing, I hope you enjoyed reading. :)



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