Sunday, April 01, 2012

***BarbieJhaki's 1st Blog Anniversary- Behind the Scenes***

Hey Lovelies,
I would like to announce that my 1st Blog Anniversary was successful!!!
This event wouldn't be possible without these lovely brands, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

This blog give away is a part of my blog's Advocacy campaign and with the help of this make over & photo shoot give away I would like to help not only the winners  but also my readers to  increase their self esteem and to unleash their confidence.

I want to change many people’s perception that you should look as artificial as a Barbie doll before you can be fashionable, beautiful and feel good about yourself.

This is my campaign for a change about the standards of beauty and the images of allegedly perfect bodies.
The ideal women should have a well balance life with family, friends and a career to have a healthy, worthy and happy life.
I would love to inspire others that a real woman has her own individual shape and should embrace her skin and curves.

Here are some of the behind the scenes shots that were taken by one of the winners, Princess.

We had a FREE hair and make up sponsored by Bunso and Candy Salon
They applied make up's that complements our skin tone and hairstyle that suits the shape of our face. The staffs are lively, friendly and approachable. 

One of the winners, Princess

Aside from the actual winners, I also asked my sister Jaydee and bestfriend Gelyn to join the photo shoot.

This is the most exciting and rewarding thing ever!!!
We had free clothes from Fashion Wearhaus Plus
it's located in front of Plaza Lucero just across the St. Nicholas Tolentine cathedral.
The clothes are all fab and their location is very accessible.

The happy winners!!!

Yey!!! we got our free clothes!
Thank you so much Fashion Wearhaus Plus

Aside from me and Gelyn, the participants are all nervous and excited.
Good thing HeartWorks has their own stylist, he assisted us the entire photo shoot. 
On the other hand,the Professional Photographer Mr. Erich who happens to be my favorite also did a great job.

My bestfriend Gelyn during the shoot.

My sister Jaydee eating pizza during the break.

Princess brought along her beautiful daughter Cheska.


One of the lovely winners, Janelle.

Janelle, Jaydee and Jhaki 

Thanks to Princess for bringing her Krave products,
We applied Krave Mist Spritz to keep the make up all day long.
Krave will also be giving away gift packs for the winners. :)

Good thing I was trained by Erzullie and every time we have a photo shoot they treated us of course as professionals and they make sure to give us the proper instructions prior to the event which helped  me a lot during my own photo shoot.
I also asked the participants to bring everything they need during the shoot, including a bottled water. :)

Princess waiting for her Glamour shots.

Gelyn doing what she loved the most. :)

After the tiring and fun make over and photo shoot, it's time to relax.
We went to Loriels and we almost fell asleep while having our facial scrub. 
Loriels is located at the 2F Megacenter the Mall.

The pretty winner Janelle and Princess with facial masks

These ladies are also entitled to a products discount at Erzullie and Vimara.

Thank you everyone for supporting my blog especially to those who joined and congrats to the winners! 
Stay tuned for the final photos plus the winners interview.



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