Wednesday, March 28, 2012

***Crossed Path***

Hey Lovelies,

It was a nice day and it started well. 
I asked my sister to take a few shots for my blog before heading to our dental appointment.
I wore something with light fabric and comfortable plus with combination of purple and gold.

Necklace: Forever 21
Belt:  A'postrophe
Maxi Pants: Erzullie
Heels: Janilyn
Bag: Elements

While on our way to our destination, my sister mentioned that the girl in red heels looks familiar and when I glanced at her I was a bit surprised and amazed because she is no other than the blog owner of Scene Stealer, Ms. Lissa Kahayon.
I love not only her exquisite style but also her personality, I hope to see her again one of these days.

My sister and I had our quick lunch at the World chicken.

Thanks everyone for viewing!



LaCara said...

You look lovely Jhaki! I love your outfit, especially your pants and how you styled them! :)

Barbie jhaki said...

Thanks dear, it's from Erzullie. You can check out their site for new designs. :)

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