Monday, April 09, 2012

Are you Cute, Pretty, Beautiful,Sexy or Hot?

Hey Lovelies,

How would like to be called? 
Many people use these five different terms to compliment women ,some will call you Cute,Pretty,Beautiful,Sexy or even a Hottie.
And more often than not, some people use one or more of these words in the wrong context. The purpose of this blog is to distinguish the real difference between all of them.

1. Cute: ( youthfulness & baby face )
Deals with the face, yet often the mannerisms/behaviour that come with the female. If a girl is described as cute, she is usually younger or has quality about her that exudes innocence and/or playfulness. Cuties don’t necessarily have to be pretty and sometimes they’re not, but it isn’t supposed to be a bad thing. Although, “cute” sometimes implies naïvety or youthfulness which certain females may find offensive.
e.g. Selena Gomez is cute due to the fact that she has a baby face and 

Leighton Meester with her cute sense of style.

2. Pretty: (attractive facial features)
Only concerns the face. It does not have anything to do with the body or its actions. Obviously, prettiness is evident through one’s facial features.
i.e. Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet are undeniably pretty with their small straight nose, luscious lips and eyes.

3. Beautiful:attractive face and pleasing personality
What differentiates being beautiful to being pretty is the fact that prettiness only acknowledges the outer appearance. Someone who is beautiful not only has an attractive face, but also a beautiful personality.
i.e. Angelina Jollie is a great example of this; she’s not only beautiful, but also philanthropic.

4. Sexy: (attractive qualities through actions and movements of body.)
Often confused with Hot; however, while the terms are extremely similar it is different in the sense that it is like the quality Cute where it deals with the actions/movements of the body, not just the outward appearance.
e.g. Beyoncé & Jennifer Lopez are sexy from the way they dances and moves.

5. Hot: (strong sex appeal & )
Describes the body as a whole. Predominantly used to define the appeal of one’s bodily appearance and doesn’t necessarily have to concern the face. This term is more likely used on more mature, developed ladies.
e.g. Kim Kardashian is hot because of her hourglass figure.

On a side note, many girls are able to possess two or even all five of these qualities, depending on the beholder’s perspective. And, of course, from these four main terms it can be branched out to words like lovely, gorgeous, stunning.. but different people will have different interpretations.

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Thank you everyone!



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