Sunday, April 08, 2012

Make Over Me Project: Gelyn

Hey Lovelies,
Aside from the winners, my gorgeous best friend also joined my remarkable Blog Anniversary.
Yes! I already featured her here in my blog and I can't get enough of her angelic face. She's undeniably beautiful not only in the appearance but also from the heart. 
Get to know her more with my interview! :)

Hair & Make Up:Bunso & Candy Salon

What can u say about Jhaki, the blog owner of and what can you say about her up close and personal?
Jhaki is soooo cool to be with,flexible and humble....She's also a good consultant especially in fashion terms....jhaki is also "kalog" you'll never get awkward being with her.. She's not plastic she'll tell you what else you need to change in your outfit, posture or the way you talk in public.. 

What can u say about this blog give away and the whole day of activities?
I had fun. I enjoyed the whole day,I love posing.heartworks really did a great job.. 

What can you say about other winners and participants?
The participants are all nice and kalog "tawa lng kami ng tawa after the shoot".. 

During the shoot, what were the obstacles that you have faced? How did you overcome them?The fan got my lenses dry and I had a muscle pain after the shoot because of my heels... 

What is your most unforgettable moment and the best experience about this make over give away? Why
Being with you guys is the best experience 

How did this event help you as a woman?
I can say that the whole event renewed me. It boost my self confidence and even though I'm already a mother of one hyper kiddo. There's no space for being "losyang".

What can you say to other women out there regarding women empowerment and body acceptance?
For Moms, students and working girls out there, I know stress is always on our way but it doesn't mean we sink ourselves to that. It's not important what's your shape or size is, what's important is how you take care of our body. Love yourself and give yourself a treat once in a while. Every woman's worth it.

What can u say about the sponsors products and services? Bunso and Candy Salon, Fashion Wearhaus, Heartworks, Loriels.
Thanks to the following sponsors:
Bunso and candy salon for my hair and make up and for making me pretty the whole photo shoot. 
Fashion Wearhaaus Plus- thanks for my "mala-dyosa" or goddess like dress and thanks to Mr. Allan for being nice to us. 
HeartWorks- the owner and her staffs are all good. The studio is cool. 
HeartWorks will bring out the best in you! I can say that I'm no longer a "camera shy" person anymore. HeartWorks really works!
Loriels- my fave product line because it makes my skin glow and young looking.

Thank you Gelyn and thank you lovely readers for viewing!



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