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Make Over Me Project: Janelle

Hey Lovelies,

Out of many entries, Janelle's message stands out. Being a student and the eldest is really a tough responsibility. I love her simplicity and of course being honest. 
Get to know her more with my interview. :)

Hair & Make Up:Bunso & Candy Salon

Hi..I am Janelle..,maybe this message is too late for your anniversary celebration ..but I hope it's not that late.. :)
I am 4th year student taking Electronics and Communications Engineering and the eldest daughter of my parents..I have lots of responsibilities to do so I don't have enough time for myself..I hope to be part of your anniversary celebration and  have a wonderful experience..
- Janelle

1.Why did you joined this blog make over give away? What happened? (Tell us briefly, the story form application to acceptance)

 I have seen a facebook post in fb..i was asked by my cousin to try..then I followed the instructions in the blog..I am really excited who will win the promo and I started feeling nervous..then Ate Jhaki texted me and said that I am one of the winners..I was very glad for it..I didn't expect to have the prize.. 

2.When you were selected, what were your thoughts?

When I was told that I am one of the first I was really nervous..then I thought of the prices and i get so excited. 

3.What can u say about Jhaki, the blog owner of and what can you say about her up close and personal?

Ate Jhaki..,,friendly, kalog or bubbly..,approachable.. 

4. What can u say about this blog give away and the whole day of activities?

I had a fun and one of a kind experience with my new ate's. 

5.What can you say about other winners and participants?

they are generous and fun to be with.. 

6.During the shoot, what were the obstacles that you have faced? How did you overcome them?

when the first photo was taken.., i dont have any idea about it..i asked my ate's. 

7. What is your most unforgettable moment and the best experience about this make over give away? Why

the photoshoot..i had enjoyed the experience with my new was the first time that i have to pose for a photoshoot like that.. 

8.How did this event help you as a woman?

 i had gain self confidence..i became more sociable..and friendly.. 

9. What can you say to other women out there regarding women empowerment and body acceptance?

being a woman is not that easy..we have different careers and problems that we will and had encountered but still we have to face it and be strong..keep in our mind and hearts that we are Daughter of our Heavenly Father..that's why each of us has her own unique one is ugly and no one was said "the goddess" because we are all beautiful in our own way..
though we have diffrent physical imperfections..we can be the best girl,daughter,sister,mother,friend for everyone by being a good example..whatever we have we must and have to give gratitude in God..because He created us as one of the loveliest and special creature in these world..we can never please every one..whatever negative feedback we heard..just take that as a guide to be perfect..

10. what can u say about the sponsors products and services? Bunso and Candy Salon, Fashion Wearhaus, Heartworks, Loriels.

bunso and candy salon and loriels..,,the personel were so friendly..fashionwarehouse..the owner is so generous giving the surprise gift items for us..heartworks..the crew were so friendly and they were so fun working with..

Thank you Janelle and thank you lovely readers for viewing!



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