Sunday, April 08, 2012

Make Over Me Project: Jaydee

Hey Lovelies, 
My next make over project is my own biological sister, Jaydee.
A beautiful sister inside and out, supportive, caring, modest, loving and quiet type of person. 
She's also one of my loyal best of friends. 
However, instead of beauty and fashion she loves cooking and travelling.
That's why I decided to give her a treat on my 1st Blog Anniversary.
Get to know her more with my interview! :)

Hair & Make Up:Bunso & Candy Salon

What can u say about Jhaki, the blog owner of and what can you say about her up close and personal?
~ Ate Jhaki is pretty on the inside and out. Her blog is very helpful. This blog will consist of words & images that show the true beauty of purely Filipina.

What can u say about this blog give away and the whole day of activities?
~ The shoot seemed to go so quickly and I enjoyed myself thoroughly! Thank you to my sister (ate jhaki) who chose me as one of her lucky winners. I would like to thank everyone who sponsored her 1st year blog anniversary: 
• candy and bunso salon for hair & make-up~
“My hairstyle before was plain and simple-now it looks more alive. I like how the style added life to my hair. My eyebrows look so much better.”
• fashion warehouse for my lovely dress~ 
“Their fabrics always look interesting, fun and unique. For the style, fit and comfort, their prices are quite reasonable.” 
• heartworks for a whole photo shoot~
“The whole photo shoot experienced has been great from beginning to end. I felt really comfortable and positively spoilt. When it came to the actual shoot I really felt like a star for those few hours, having check tiny details, move my hair, re-do my makeup and so on. The time just flew by and when I look back or look at the pictures I remember feeling sexy, glamorous and above all free to express how I wanted to look. What amazes me most is how the pictures captured, that obviously isn’t the everyday me but somehow is exactly me.”
• loriels for my facial scrub and massage~ 
“A delightful and relaxing facial treatment after the photoshoot and makeover. Loriels help me learn to keep my face calm and relaxed even when I feel tired.”

What can you say about other winners and participants?
~ Thank you so much to Ate Jhaki, Ate Gelyn, Janelle and Ate Princess. I completely enjoyed pretty much everything about the whole day makeover and photo shoot.
You are a real pleasure to work with. I was completely comfortable and very happy all day. I loved being in front of the lens. I was surprised quite how much I enjoyed it all.

During the shoot, what were the obstacles that you have faced? How did you overcome them?
~ I’m felt so nervous and really don’t know what to do. The only trouble is how I will I ever top this? After getting dressed and retouched, I just told to myself I can do this. And when the photo shoot started, I felt so comfortable in their presence. I see no way of ever even getting equal let alone exceeding what you have done for me 

 What is your most unforgettable moment and the best experience about this make over give away? Why
~ It can be scary to make a change to your appearance or try out a new look, but the makeovers, giveaways, facial scrub & massage and a whole photo shoot was a perfect memento of my magical experience day. What amazes me most is how the pictures captured, that obviously isn’t the everyday me but somehow is exactly me. I got home later that day and have to say, I slept well that night. Outstanding stuff, I couldn’t wait to see the end result on what I had already deemed as perfect.

How did this event help you as a woman?

~ In this, I recognize the beauty of every woman’s unique soul and legacy.

What can you say to other women out there regarding women empowerment and body acceptance?
~ Not by anybody else’s expectations…not by societal standards, but by what makes you truly happy…physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We know what it’s like to be a woman in this day and age, and we are devoted in giving you the support you need to have the body and life you want…YOUR way.

Thank you lovely sister and thank you everyone for reading! 



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