Tuesday, April 03, 2012

*** Red & Busy ***

Hey Lovelies,
Everytime I'm in Manila, I wasn’t able to always update my blog with photos of what was happening around me.I reckon it wasn’t enough to post photos on facebook.

Now that I'm in Cabanatuan I have all the work to keep me occupied, yet I choose to sit in front of the laptop and not touch it. Procrastinating, again.

I need to finish all my tasks before the holy week ends, I need to submit my Sales report,  create a marketing plan for my clients, execute an upcoming client events, help my best friend on her upcoming prenup shoot and bridal shower, uhm what else?  Of course I want to keep my blog updated, its a habit you know! lol 

Good thing despite of my busy schedule, my sister's boyfriend decided to treat us for his birthday even he's not here in the country.He's currently working abroad.
We went to my mama's favorite restaurant and had a late lunch.
I decided to wear my new skirt that I bought at the Ramp in  Glorietta plus a gifted top from my best friend Bhevs and of course my nude wedge by Janilyn.

Top: Gifted
Skirt: The Ramp
Wedges: Janilyn

Thank you for viewing!



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