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Make Over Me Project: Princess

Hey Lovelies,

Hair & Make Up:Bunso & Candy Salon

Hey Lovelies,
My first make over project is Princess. 
She's a Registered Nurse at the same time a dedicated mother and wife. 
Although she's naturally beautiful, she still joined my blog make over give away.
Get to know her experiences during the Blog Anniversary day with my interview. 

Princess with her family

I haven't gotten any time to pamper myself and barely looking at the mirror makes me wanna sob. With my hair all lifeless and frizzy, and my skin so dull and blemished, it seems like they're screaming at me to have a break!

So would you be so nice to transform a stressed out witch into a cutie little peach? *wink*

Happy Anniversary Sweetie :) - Princess

1.Why did you joined this blog make over give away? What happened? (Tell us briefly, the story form application to acceptance)
I got thrilled when you tagged me your post about the giveaway. Since I’m a sucker for skincare and spa treatments, I thought why not try my luck. Then came the 26th, I asked my friend if we got in, and she said no, since you haven’t sent us SMS. But then, you texted me on the following day telling me that I’m one of the selected winners, so yay!

2.When you were selected, what were your thoughts?
When you informed me about winning and the activities, I was surprised because I thought the prizes included will be divided to all three winners. Like what I’ve said I’m only after the skincare and treatments, so I was like, oh my, I don’t think I’ll be going to that photo shoot. It’s just my sister who convinced me to go 

 3.What can u say about Jhaki, the blog owner of and what can you say about her up close and personal?
Since we already chat via Facebook, I’m confident that we’ll get along well in person. And I wasn’t mistaken. You’re very pleasant and cheery, and being with your company is a breeze.

4. What can u say about this blog give away and the whole day of activities? 
The whole experience was awesome. The shoot was TIRING yet fun. And the facial treatment was relaxing. My skin felt refreshed after having all those makeup on (for the shoot).

5.What can you say about other winners and participants? 
They were all very nice and makulit. It felt like we were already friends long before we met.

6.During the shoot, what were the obstacles that you have faced? How did you overcome them? 
Wearing high heels haha! My feet are cursing me after! I just remove those darn shoes when it wasn’t my turn to pose 

7. What is your most unforgettable moment and the best experience about this make over give away? Why
The shoot I’m not comfortable being photographed. I’m more of a behind the scene girl. But I get to relax when I saw you girls do your thing. I was willing myself do it so I was chanting “I HAVE to do this! I HAVE to do this! I HAVE to do this!” inside my head. 

8.How did this event help you as a woman?
I guess I have gained self-assurance after.

9. What can you say to other women out there regarding women empowerment and body acceptance?
We are all created by God differently for a very special reason and we should be thankful for what He has given us. I have my own insecurities as well as other women out there. I hate my teeth and my facial skin, but I have to accept and love what I have and how I look. If you keep on complaining “why are my pores so darn big???!”, then you’ll see this girl with oh so immaculate skin, it is possible that you go like “this is so unfair!”, and you’ll start to get green with envy and begin to hate her, right? You’ll end up bitching if you keep on hating the way you look. So quit whining, we are all beautiful!

10. what can u say about the sponsors products and services? Bunso and Candy Salon, Fashion Wearhaus, Heartworks, Loriels.
The MA’s are very good in doing eye makeup and they work fast. I love the dresses at Fashion Wearhaus and the prices are very reasonable, the owners are very generous too. People at Heartworks are all accommodating and very professional. And the services at Loriels are nice, I especially love that they carry Human Nature products.

Thanks Princess and thank you lovely readers for viewing!



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