Sunday, May 01, 2011

***Style of Angelina Jolie***

Just when we thought she couldn’t add anything else to her agenda, Angelina Jolie proves us wrong once again. She has the man of her dreams, the cutest kids, best selling movies, the philanthropic work, and last but not least, her own jewelry line. Partnering up with her jeweler, Robert Procop, Jolie has created some exquisite pieces for her line titled Style of Jolie. “She has been involved, every step of the way,” jeweler Procop tells the media. “She wanted to create some beautiful art around jewels with the mission of helping children.” Jolie has been working with Procop on this line since August of 2010 creating storyboards, researching gems and metals and considering various designs. “Angelina has a very classic style. She is very chic and contemporary,” Procop explains. “The collection is what she enjoys wearing on the red carpet, but also what she enjoys wearing when she’s at home.”

4 reasons why Angelina Jolie’s jewelry line is different from other celebrity collections

When I first heard about Angelina Jolie’s new jewelry line, I thought she’d sold out. Turns out, her baubles collection carries more weight than other star lines. Here’s why:

  1. It’s expensive. Piecesstart at $4,000, a far cry from JewelMint and the department store collections top designer and celebrities often downsize for. But that’s because Jolie’s out to raise cash, not earn it. Sales benefit the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, so while she’ll sell fewer items than if she partnered with Macy’s, Jolie’s charity bank will still fill up fast — relatively speaking, of course. Another reason for the higher price? Jolie —a good UN Ambassador for years — isn’t likely to pawn off fast fashion manufacturers to make her jewelry. Expect them to be crafted by talented artisans in fair working conditions. No blood diamonds in this bunch.

2. She’s only serving private, invite-only clients (at least for now). You’ve got to be a special somebody to be offered a look at Angelina’s jewelry collection for now, since she’s most likely not wasting her time showing pieces unless clients are ready to buy up quickly. Jolie may design a lower-end collection from Middle American buyers, but that’s still to be worked out.

3. The jewelery’s on the road. To reach clients around the world without wasting money on overhead for retail space, Jolie’s collection is a traveling one. Starting in Beverly Hills and then moving on to Monaco, the limited availability may also inspire her audience to impulse buy, which is good for charity.

4. It’s probably not junk: An extension of reason #1, Jolie’s pieces cost a lot and are most likely going to be manufactured by legitimate vendors. Therefore, the higher price tag means really beautiful, long-lasting jewelry you’d be proud to pass on.

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