Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tips on how to look like a Celebrity MOM

Hey Lovelies,

I'm not yet a mom, but I'm looking forward to be one someday.

On the other hand, I love seeing fashionable moms. I believe that motherhood is one of the toughest career on earth.
That's why I really admire mother's who still managed to look fabulous despite the pressure of having kids to care for and to guide.

Furthermore, here are some tips how to stay cool and look like a celebrity in our own simple ways.

1. Work with what you got
If you have flawless and lovely skin... flaunt it, by wearing comfy shorts and sleeveless tops or mini skirt and dresses. 
If you have beautiful curves, show it with skinny jeans and nice top.
Just keep in mind your limitations and stay comfortable with your outfits.

2.Simplicity is Beauty and Less is More
All you need is a base of foundation to cover up any imperfections, a little blush for your cheeks and a nude lipstick or good old lip gloss.

Everybody knows how important accessories are, but don’t overdo it.If you are going to carry an oversized handbag, don’t also wear big, chunky bracelets and cover-half-your-face sunglasses. Sometimes, less really is more!

3.Copy Your Fave Celeb’s Look
Sure you may not be able to afford designer fashions, but you can find similar looking pieces in your price range. Don’t be afraid to try a new look! If you decide to splurge on a designer item, make sure it’s a piece that you can wear with many other things; don’t buy a hot pink skirt that you can only wear with one shirt. Splurge on items you can wear daily (or weekly), like jeans.

4.Solids Are A Good Thing
Not all of us can or want to pull off huge bold prints or crazy color schemes. And there isn’t anything wrong with that. You see a lot of celeb moms who stick to black or neutral tones. Solid colors are so easy to mix n’ match, but if you are looking for a little more flair than just one solid color, why not try a top with ruching or gathering on the side to complement the waistline? Or try fabrics with a hint of shimmer.

5. Stay coordinated and keep your wholesomeness

There are mom's who are fashionably cool and naturally fabulous yet still managed to coordinate their outfits with their kids, the weather and the occasion.

Being a mother, you should be a good role model to your children even in fashion. Keep your wholesomeness. Your "single" and "me, myself and I" days are over. 
Be fashionable but still comfortable and respectable. Keep your kids your top priority. 

6. Keep your hair neat and fabulous.

Having kids, you're always on the run. Keep your hair stylish and pick a haircut that suits the shape of your face to stay fresh and your youthful glow.

7. Take care of your skin

Include the facial treatment and body spa plus scrub with your monthly budget. 
If your husband complains( just in case) then dare him to exchange tasks and routines with yours.  LOL
Kidding aside, at least never forget to moisturize... moisturize... moisturize everyday and before you go to bed. This will keep your skin soft and it's the best prevention to the early signs of skin aging.

8. Wear sun glasses during outdoor activities

Be an instant celebrity with a pair of sun glasses that suits the shape of your face. 
check out my post for more details:

Plus, it will also hide the fine lines and eye bags. :)

Here's my top list of the Most Fashionable and Best dressed moms in Hollywood, 
check them out! :)

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba

Kate Beckinsale

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kourtney Kardashian

Miranda Kerr

Nicole Richie

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Zoe
 Salma Hayek

Victoria Beckham

Amy Adams

Angelina Jollie

Reese Witherspoon
 Kate Winslet

Thank you for reading!




mitch said...

nice tips! like VB the most! :)

Barbie jhaki said...

Thank you dear, me too. :)

Leah said...

hi jhaki...ano ba ang best na moisturizer? dry kc ang skin ko...i dont know anything about it eh, morena din ako and i want sana na mejo maging clear ung skin ko sa face...:)

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