Friday, November 18, 2011

*** Sister's Love ***

Hello Lovelies,

Do you have a sister? Well, feel blessed if you have one.
It only means you have a free and instant best friend from God. 
I am the eldest and I am blessed with a sister and a brother. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“I think people that have a brother or sister don't realize how lucky they are. Sure, they fight a lot, but to know that there's always somebody there, somebody that's family.”
 -- Trey Parker

“If you don’t understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.” --Linda Sunshine

My sister Jaydee and I had a fun shoot before we headed to my fashion show's venue. 
We're a bit early so we took some shots of our look for that day. 
The funny thing, we're both wearing tights and our ensemble has a mixture of bright tones.
I am so lucky because I always have someone who's always there for me.

“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.”-- Eva Burrows

”We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another's desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.” -- Erma Bombeck

 To be able to gained a more matured look, I complemented my  hot pink leggings with a black pumps. 

 “Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.” -- Jim Rohn

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”—Richard Bach

 "Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other." -Author Unknown

"Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other." -Author Unknown

 “Feelings of worth flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.” -- Virginia Satir

On the other hand, my sister wore a printed colorful top with a black leggings and wedge footwear.

“Sisters share the scent and smells - the feel of a common childhood.”—Pam Brown
“The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.” --Cali Rae Turner

"There's a special kind of freedom sisters enjoy. Freedom to share innermost thoughts, to ask a favor, to show their true feelings. The freedom to simply be themselves." –Author Unknown
"No one knows better than a sister how we grew up, and who our friends, teachers and favorite toys were. No one knows better than she."—Dale V. Atkins

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there." – Amy Li
“Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life.” --Author Unknown
"Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears."--Unknown

“The desire to be and have a sister is a primitive and profound one that may have everything or nothing to do with the family a woman is born to. It is a desire to know and be known by someone who shares blood and body, history and dreams.” –Elizabeth Fishel
“This is the best feeling ever. Having my sister on the team makes it even better.”—Becky Novacek

“I smile because you are my sister. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!” -- Author Unknown

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