Sunday, May 08, 2011

***The Science City of Muñoz***

Hey lovelies, my bff and her husband pick me up at home to visit  the Science City of Muñoz.

 It is approximately 147 km North from Manila and acknowledged as the center of agricultural research and technology in Central Luzon. With its rich topography and tropical climate, it is now home to the premiere agricultural centers committed to the production of information and technological breakthroughs to promote rural development, productivity and food security.
From its lowly origins as “Sitio Papaya”, it was rechristened as Muñoz in 1886 in honor of Spanish Governor Don Francisco Muñoz. It was in 1913, under Executive Order No. 72, wherein 
Muñoz was declared as a new and independent municipality. 

Who would have thought that this University also has a secret forest and beautiful trees.

We also went to the dairy farm...




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