Saturday, November 19, 2011

Featured Girlfriend *** Princess ****

Hey Lovelies,

Meet my featured girlfriend of the week, Princess.
I've known this gorgeous lady since primary school, she's more popular with the name Intet.

However, we never had a chance to get to know each other well because her batch was one or two years ahead of me.
Until the day when the social networks conquered the universe and that's the only time we had a chance to say hi and ^^

Furthermore, you'll easily get noticed her among the crowd with her naturally fair skin and pretty face. 
I love how she can rock simple outfits from t-shirts and jeans to fabulous dresses.

On the other hand, she's now a happy, lovely wife and a mother of a cute little princess.
Get to know her more with my mini-interview:

Nickname: Intet

Country: Philippines

Who is your Fashion style Icon? 

------------->Ummm i really don't know, i guess I have my own style. I wear whatever I feel like wearing, comfort is what's important to me. 


------------->I don't have any job at the moment since I'm all occupied juggling between being a mom, attending review, and handling house chores. I surf the web during my spare time browsing online shops. I also enjoy reading books, and I'm into nail art nowadays.

What is your favorite brand/store? 

------------->I'm not particular with clothing brands. I shop from boutiques to cluster stores even in ukay-ukay. I don't buy clothes that are ridiculously high-priced. I love love love watches and makeups! That's where I splurge,.. as if I have the means to do so *wishful thinking*

For you,what is the top 3 things women should be or should have? 

------------->First, women should be free to explore what she really wants to do or to be. Second is to have "ME" time, Third, women should know how to laugh at herself. 

------------->Every woman should have a pair of sneakers, a classic watch, and a good book.

What do you love about barbiejhaki’s blog?

------------->Jhaki perfectly exemplifies a happy and contented woman who knows how to enjoy life. I especially like her inputs regarding fashion and the confidence she exudes in each of her photos is almost tangible. May this empower women of all built and sizes that we can always be our best.

Intet with her family and friends.

Thank you so much Intet for your time and lovely answers!
Keep inspiring others with your fabulousity and keep it up as a super mom! 

Thank you pretties for reading!



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