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Color Blocking Know What & How

Hi Girlfriends,

Color blocking is the biggest fashion trend of 2011.Here’s my little rundown of how to color block.  I’ll spare you all the dry history behind it and cut to the chase.
Color blocking is just that, wearing blocks of colors.  For the most part this is what we do anyways when we dress.
To get the color blocking look you want to go for bright and bold colors. I already did color blocking in some of my outfits in the past.
 If you also like to try color blocking there are some rules to follow, however, and here they are:

LOUDER THE BETTER: If there’s never been a better time to wear loud pops of color, it’s now.  Take advantage of the opportunity to be loud for no reason and still be fabulous.

CLASHY ATTIRE ONLY:  Don’t be afraid to clash. We’re so used to the same coordinating colors but try pink and red.  Try navy and black.
If you ask me, I like pink and purple, tangerine and fuchsia, red and pink, navy & baby pink, cobalt blue and red.

If you’re hesitant, you can always stick to the old faithful complementary color wheel (see below).  

 K.I.S.S.:  Keep It Simple Sister!  This look will look best with neutral accessories.  Grey is the new neutral tone.  Grey belts, shoes, accessories will compliment your outfit nicely.
THREE’S THE CHARM: Stick to 2 or 3 colors max.  Anymore than that and you’re borderline rubik’s cube.  No bueno.  I’d go for 3.  It makes for a more interesting outfit.
If you’ve never used a color wheel before, don’t worry.  All you need to know is how to draw a line straight through the middle of the wheel from one side to the other.  This is how you identify which colors traditionally compliment each other.

Tone the look down with a simple white tee

The catwalk at Moschino Cheap and Chic saw brightly colored trousers offset with a simple cotton white t-shirt. Wear a white tee in a cotton and silk mix which will drape well and complement bright trousers or skirts beautifully.

Add pops of color with accessories

The easiest way to wear the color blocking fashion trend is to
add an accessory or two in eye-popping colors. A bright pink clutch bag, a pair of neon yellow shoes, a vivid blue bangle or an eye-popping orange belt is all you need to bring an understated outfit up to date this summer. You can find fabulous accessories everywhere on the high street, from Topshop to Dorothy Perkins.

Here are some sample of my color blocking outfits, purple and fuchsia pink.

Mix bright colors with light hues

A simple way to tone the look down is by wearing one brightly colored piece and keeping the rest of the outfit muted by wearing neutral shades. For example, a color block shift dress in red, cobalt blue or orange will look fantastic with nude wedge shoes.

Keep the look suitable for work

Many high street collections feature eye-catching suits that embrace the color block trend without sacrificing smartness. The best way to wear this trend for work is by choosing suits in colors that are updated styles of your usual work wear.

Here are some of my inspiration and color blocking looks...

I hope you had a good time reading, by the way here are the details about my color blocking ensemble.

Red Bag: gifted Ferragamo purse from my former boss.
Red Heels: Janilyn
Red Belt: Aldo
Bangle earrings: gifted by my BFF Bhev's
Cobalt Blue Poncho: wore as Venus cut style cobalt blue top from Baguio City.

Thank you so much for reading...
Love lots!


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