Sunday, May 08, 2011

***My Fashion Styling Class at SOFA***

How I missed our tambayan's and dvd marathon at home after school during college days,  my  never ending model hunt during my vocational course in haircutting & hairdressing class, the Human Anatomy book during the  massage therapy class. 
The interesting lessons I've learned in Advertising from the industry's educationalists during my  Post-grad classes in La Salle Graduate School plus the free dinner and desserts. haha! :D

So I decided to enroll in SOFA Fashion Capsules: Celebrity Fashion Styling with Alyanna Martinez.

So anyway...
I went to The School of Fashion and the Arts, located in 55 Paseo de Roxas Makati City...

I was kinda aloof at first because it was my first time to attend a fashion related class. 
On the other hand the good thing was the people from fashion industry have a common denominator with the advertising people they have unique style and undoubtedly charm that will win the hearts of people everywhere.

While waiting for the  class to start, I've met a nice girl and she's a 20 year old student from UP her name is Kat Crisostomo.

So what's inside SOFA???

Well, as you enter their low rise yet very cozy and nice designed building  you can read inspirational words along the hallway.

You will also find  a lined up of mannequins inside the classroom. Awww... I want to have one of these asap for my online shop.

The pretty girls who are manning the registration of our class handed us out these free stuffs:
*keyboard pad and denim mini notebook cover from Levi's. 
*magazines from Speed 
*discount coupons from Hair piece, Vita and Renegade Folks.
*a summer catalogue from SM Department store

***All about Alyanna***

For those who don't know  Alyanna Martinez, she's the daughter of Philippine actor and actress Albert & Liezel Martinez, so stop wondering where she got her beautiful genes. haha! : P

I love listening to her stories, she's also very lively and sparky aside from that she's determined and hard working. 

According to her, since high school she's already exposed in fashion styling in Meg and Seventeen.
However, she decided to take up a course in Advertising in Ateneo de Manila than fashion courses.
She also worked in Preview Magazine for two years as an Editor Assistant then transferred to Star Magic and ABS-CBN.
As of now she decided to become a freelance but well known Celebrity Fashion Stylist.

I was amazed when I find out that she's the stylist of some of my fashion icons like Ruffa Guttierez, Maricar de Meza and latest on my fashion icon list Solenn Heussaff.

I'm so in-love with her shoes.... <3 <3 <3

They also distributed  a guidelines about our fashion styling capsule.

My jaw dropped down when I saw her collection of unique accessories from here and abroad.

Our gorgeous instructor

I'm also in love with her portable fashion luggage

She also enlightened us by showing the techniques of fashion styling.

My very attentive classmates... :)

Guess what??!!

I'm one of the lucky 5 students who will attend the Philippine Fashion week for  Forever 21 and I'll be sitting in the front row! yeepee! :)

Yay! I already got my fashion styling certificate. :)

I also met some nice and fashion lover people.

Meet Heart, Mika and Erika.

Believe it or not, the three of them are sisters. So cute! :)

Quotable quotes:

You can't buy style but you can hire a great fashion stylist.

You may have money to buy beautiful and expensive designer clothes but only rare people can put them together and make them look good.

I hope you had fun reading!




Desyy simone said...

I want to go to SOFA sooo bad! I just have to find a way.. I live in the U.S :(

Criselda Rillo said...

Hello. Was the course only for a day? How much was it?

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