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All About Fragrance - How it reveals our personality and enhance our fashion statement

Hey Lovelies,

Do you know that like your fashion choices, the fragrance you choose says a lot about your personality and the perfume we love to use says a lot about who we are. Choose the right Designer Fragrance to reflect your style. 
Perfumes are as much a part of your fashion style as the accessories you choose from designer handbags, shoes, accessories and clothes.
It also has different styles  for day and night, cold and hot weather.  
However, like make up and hairstyles some perfumes may compliment us and some don't.
On the other hand, most of us like to dress up.

Some wear dresses, skirts and high heels are feminine and sexy. 

Others are more comfortable in shirts, jeans and flip flops or sporty outfits. Some loves to wear formal and corporate attires to work everyday.We have a definite style when it comes to our wardrobe. 
We know exactly how we want to show to the rest of the world.
But what about how we smell? We may starstruck the people around us with our fashion statement but we should also tickle their nasal senses for us to get noticed instantly!
Especially during first dates, job interviews, auditions and other remarkable moments.
Science has proven that scent is the sense most closely linked to memory. So the way you smell makes a big impression, even subconsciously.
Most of my designer perfumes are gifts from my husband who is currently working overseas and from my closest friends. It only proves that people who knows our personality can guess  the fragrance that suits us.
Whether you are buying perfume for the first time, or upgrading to a designer fragrance, consider the following basic perfume categories, and what each represents:
FLORAL: Floral perfumes are centered on, you guessed it, flowers. These perfumes are light, and very feminine. Designer fragrances that fall into this category include Marc Jacobs Daisy,Always elegant, always enchanting - but not too serious - Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet, spirited and fresh, wrapped in comfort and warmth

 Curious by Britney Spears includes a attribute floral scent of magnolia blended that has a hint of Jasmine.   If you're a romantic, a floral perfume is a good choice. And for daytime wear to work at the office, a floral perfume that is pleasant, but light and not overpowering, is always smart.

Prada Infusion de Rose, inspired by the significace of a rose this new modern woman is sensual, chic, and delicate as a rose petal but daring and edgy as the thorns that adorn this beautiful flower. The flower blooms with Turkinsh rose and Bulgarian Rose that sensually settles to a heart of Italian mandarin and peppery mint settling into a base of Brazilian mate and Laos honeycomb.

One of  my top favorites is the Banana Republic Classic, a flowery, soft scent. This refreshing scent possesses a blend of freshly cut bouquet with fruity hints. It is recommended for daytime wear.

Check out their site:

FRUITY: Inspired by the scent of fruits, these fragrances are energetic and usually a little sweet. If you are generally upbeat and optimistic, a fruity perfume is for you. 
My top favorites are CK One, a unisex fragrance from Calvin Klein, is a great example, with dominant tones of papaya and pineapple.
I also love Circus Fantasy of Britney Spears, it smells sugary raspberry and lighter that any other fragrances from the Fantasy Collection.
I fell in-love with the bottle, so whimsical and playful.

GREEN: Inspired by clean, green grass. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is an excellent example. If you're sporty and fun-loving, consider a green scent.
Citrus aromatic scent for women, an elevating fragrance that energizes the body, excites the senses, and revives the spirit.

You should try Marc Jacobs Splash Grass, Floral woody Musk fragrance for women.

WOODY: These perfumes are favored by earthy, sensual people. They incorporate the smells of the forest: leaves, bark, moss and wood. Their keynote scents often include patchouli, sandalwood and cedar. Armani ATTITUDE for him, is my husband's favorite scents. I love the masculine smell yet still gentle on the nostrils. 

the woody oriental that daringly plays with contrasts, from the luminous freshness of spices and iced lemon to the deep sensuality of lingering amber, wood and patchouli notes.
Check out their site:

ORIENTAL: Perfumes in this category are rich and often lingering. They incorporate spices, and heavier floral scents. These perfumes are not for the shy woman. A classic designer fragrance in this category include PRADA by PRADAFrench labdanum resin and Siam benzoin. Citrus and soft flowers provide an airier feel amidst all this orientalia. 

PRADA Amber Bergamot, bitter orange, and mandarin flower blend with a sweet base of patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood for a sultry aroma.
Check out their site:
Prada Perfume

OCEANIC: Smells reminiscent of the sea, fresh, natural and light. Oceanic fragrances work well on the weekends when your out and about. Like the Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia

an aquatic renaissance with a delicate and crystalline nature derived from the scent of Water Jasmine, giving the perfume sophisticated and unexpected facets.

Check out their site:

Also remember that perfumes have three layers:
Top note: This is what you smell immediately after applying the perfume. It is your first impression, but is also very volatile. It
fades quickly.
Middle note: For several minutes to an hour after applying perfume, you can smell the middle note. The smell of the perfume mellows.
Base note: After thirty minutes, you smell the base note. It blends with the middle note to provide the main theme of the perfume. The base note is the richer smell.

Here are some tips of Do's and Don'ts

Fragrance Dos:

* Do change your perfume with the change of the season. During old weather you may need a stronger scent as the cold may reduce the scent's power.
* Do shop for perfume in the afternoon when your sense of smell is at its peak.
* Do wear more fragrance if you have dry skin; you will need to apply fragrances more often than those who have oily skin.
* Do apply your perfume after you have showered and dried completely.
* Do apply perfume to your pulse points for maximum effect.

Fragrance Don'ts:
* Don't wear another fragrance the day you are perfume shopping, it will react and not smell the same.
* Don't overdo it. Overpowering smells can annoy the nasal sense of the people around you and it may even cause headaches.
* Don't spray perfume near pearls or costume jewelry. Because perfume is infused with alcohol it can tarnish these jewels and remove their coating.
* Don't combine perfume with deodorant or deodorant soap. The combination smell may be unpleasant.
* Don't buy perfume without testing it on your own skin first. Spray a little on your skin and wear it for a few hours to see how it reacts and also to determine how long it lasts.
* Don't rub the fragrance once applied. Rubbing damages the molecules and change the notes

No matter what fragrance we use everyday, make sure it represents your true personality and uniqueness!

Thank you for reading and happy shopping! :)



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