Thursday, May 05, 2011

Paint the town red

Hello you lovelies out there, my blog update today hasn’t been the best and now I show up in the late evening. Expecting you to read this post. Probably because I myself always read my favorite blogs just before I go to sleep, a bad habit I’m now turning into an even worse habit: posting late. Hope you don’t mind.

I've been doing our marketing research all this evening for my marketing plan which is due next week. 
While browsing my documents, I found these photos from the Holidays of 2009. As far as I could my remember I was searching for a new purse for my graduation in DLSU. 

I love the pop of red it gives an outfit. I wore printed red scarf which I bought in Malaysia.

The place was full of the traditional Christmas plant which  is the beautiful poinsettia, Euphorbia Pulcherrima. 

Here are the detail of my casual outfit:

Printed scarf: I bought in Malaysia
Charcoal gray bag: gift from my Aunt
Flat shoes with heart design: I bought in Singapore
White sando: Plain and Prints

Thank you!



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