Friday, September 02, 2011

*** Would you go with or without make up? ***

Makeup is simply like a Photoshop. Some want the photos to be enhanced and edited on the other hand some preferred the untouched and raw file.

In my personal opinion, I love both! I can live with or without makeup.

Don't get me wrong, I love make up because it beautifies,refine and gives more flawless effect.

However, I also love the no-make up look because it gives my skin time to relax.
Giving skin a ‘breather’ from cloggy foundation can also help reduce blocked pores which can cause skin breakouts. 
Plus, my husband Michael who was my bf then compliments me more in my simplest form, without any make up on. Maybe because men have different perspective when it comes to cosmetics.

My photo's below shows my bare face.( as in totally no make up) 
In my second photo, I applied Face Primer,Concealer,Foundation,Powder,Blush,Bronzer/Contour,EyePrimer,Eyeshadows, Eyeliner,False eyelashes,Lipstick,Lipgloss.

Makeup has played a changing role in my life.  When I was younger,during my high school days I was pretty clueless and my motto was "Simplicity is Beauty".

But when I was in the Senior High  and till I went to the University for college, I began to fell in love with its colorful and enhancing effect.
When I got up in the morning before I go to school, it was the ultimate priority to get my make up on. 
Once it was on, I felt safe and secure and it was just a matter of staying on top of it throughout the day. 

I remember once being caught without makeup on (goodness knows how) and being mortified that someone I knew actually recognized me. Such was my faith that makeup had the power to transform me into someone else. It was a mask.

Until one day, I heard someone said " Using make up is the acceptance of your ugliness and hiding the real you." 
I object, we may look better with make up and more glamorous but it doesn't mean women who use make up regularly are uglier than those who don't. Although,it depends on how we define ugliness. 
However, I think it has something to do with self esteem, as you may notice women use make up during special occasions, at work, during events/parties or even dates. Because it boost confidence.

As I grew older my insight has changed. I don't exactly know how and when, but makeup's place in my life has changed. Don't get me wrong, it still plays a massive role. But I think I just understand it a lot better. I know now that I can use it to enhance my features, not hide them, and I often go completely without makeup and am still able to look others in the face!

Nowadays, I decided to focus more on my skin care and deep cleansing and detoxifying. 
I have a regular monthly facial, I also had a diamond fill to remove the dead skins on my face and neck. Plus a face & body scrub and regular spa. 
Don't forget to eat fruits and veggies plus regular exercise. It will unleash your natural beauty.


A TV Show in the US has conducted a survey of over 3,500 people and discovered that 80% of men prefer their partners without make-up, although only 10% of women believe them!

98% of women say they can’t live without make-up and 1 in 5 women like nothing at all about their no make-up face!

Men and women really do seem to have completely different perspectives on makeup. Whilst we focus on what it can do for us, the men focus on what they hate about it!

Here are some more stats uncovered by the TV Show Survey:

Top on the list of men’s most hated make-up faux pas are thick foundation (80%), orange fake tan (68%), drawn on eyebrows (46%) and clumpy ‘spider lashes’ mascara (41%)!

  • Women spend on average £9,000 or almost 600,000.00 on make-up in a lifetime.
  • 1 in 10 men ‘hardly ever’ see their girlfriend without make-up, with some admitting they only see her bare-faced if they ‘catch her by surprise’.
  • A third of men said that what they hated most about make-up was ‘the time it takes to put on’
  • 55% of women listed dark circles under the eyes as what they disliked most about their face without make up

According to the Vitality Show’s survey the top five celebrities who are wearing too much make-up are:

1.      Katie Price (61%)
2.      Lady Gaga (29%)
3.      Cheryl Cole (28%)
4.      Christina Aguelira (26%)
5.      Jessie Wallace (25%)

  • Victoria Beckham: I rarely wear [make-up] at home. I think men probably like women more natural than we think they do - David always says he likes me make up-free.
  • Paula RadcliffeThe one piece of make-up I just can't do without is black Lancôme mascara.
  • Ann Widdecombe: Goodness me, there's no make-up I simply couldn't live without. When I'm working I wear foundation, lipstick and eye shadow. No mascara. But I couldn't tell you what make or even what colour they are
  • Beverley KnightI don't wear it every day but I really enjoy putting on make-up. If I could use only one product, it would be mascara. My big eyes love it.

Here's a challenge for us.

Would you go without Makeup for a day? Yes we can! :)



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