Saturday, July 16, 2011

***Our Engagement Party***

Hey Lovelies,

We celebrated our engagement party back in 2009 and set the date to get hitched on the month of  April year of 2010.
However, an unexpected trial came so we have no choice but to wait for another year.
Our engagement celebration was very simple and small yet so fun, we invited our closest family members and best friends.

Michaels's friends

My bestfriend Gelyn
My bestfriend Gelyn and her hubby
 My relatives

My bestfriend Beverly singing Through the rain by Mariah Carrey

My sister Jaydee singing Because of you by Celine Dion

 My sister Jaydee

 Two of my favorite kids on earth Yzza and Ichie

Michael with his cousin 

Two of my bestfriends Beverly and Maricel ^_^

My bestfriend Roxanne

 Calanoc Family

Our baby pet Chowder

We danced all night long

Roxanne and Maricel

With my Grandfa

My father
 My bestfriends

It's been two years since we had this party but, I can still remember the fun.  
Thank you for being part of our life.

Thank you for viewing lovelies!




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