Monday, March 28, 2011

Day out of tawny, tangerine & fuchsia

Hey Dolls,
My family and I came over to different wedding reception venues.

I wore my vintage dress along with a tawny sandals that I bought in Janilyn shoes.
I went for something casual since we were all just driving along different locations.
Oh and guess what!? We found beautiful places where we are hosting the reception for our wedding!! . 
Next on the agenda is to decide for the final reception and then my wedding dress!!! (triple exclamation). I'm giving my body one more month to get down to a decent size so I don't have to alter
my dress too often. I already have my dream dress, it's
just the most beautiful fairytale dress. Let's just hope I can make this happened.

 A day out for my coral, tangerine and fuchsia floral printed dress. :)

I wore my tawny gifted bag from US and Janilyn flat sandals with paper bag fabric. 

Dress: Vintage
Bag : gift from US
Footwear: Janilyn flats with paper bag fabric
Accessories: Earrings by yours truly Barbiejhaki
Sun glasses : Fly wear
Belt: Robinson's dept store

Thanks dolls!

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