Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dreams do come true.....

Hey Lovelies,

Everyone has a dream....

Well  mine is much simpler,one of  my ultimate dream is to get married with my one true love.

Here are my gowns during the ceremony and at the reception.

Since I was a little girl I've been dreaming of marrying my handsome prince and having a beautiful wedding like Cinderella and Snow White. haha! Funny right?

But as I grew older my plans and my priorities have changed . I just wanted to be with the man who will love me for who I am and the one who can be my husband and best friend at the same time.

Well, I've met my prince back in 1998 and  then we've been together since 1999.
On the other hand, I never thought that I will end up with my first love then everything was history.
Finally, we made it and we did it!

Ladies meet my real life prince....

My dream is a simple yet unique and very solemn wedding, with closest family and friends.
No VIP's nor gate crashers.
A wedding that I can call "mine and my husband's day". A wedding that's filled with love, laugh and tears of joy.

Here's our  Wedding Ceremony

Planning my wedding was very crucial and complicated but very rewarding.
Wedding planning was one of the most exciting and challenging days, weeks, months and even years of my life.

We had engagement party last April 2009 and scheduled to get married a year after but unfortunately some circumstances happened that's why we need to wait for another year.

I guessed as they say good things happen to those who wait. I just looked at the brighter side of the things like I had  more time to prepare and to plan the details.

Michael offered me to get a wedding coordinator but due to complications of the exact date of the wedding, I declined. I decided to do it all by myself.

What I did first?
I browsed all the wedding magazines that I've collected when I'm still working in an advertising agency.
Then I bought a scrapbook where I put together all my ideas, I also have a document folder in my computer of all the photos of my ideal details.

I started with the THEME,
I picked a lot of color combinations for the motif like LIME GREEN and FUCHSIA with a  SPRING theme wedding

But I want it to be more elegant so I changed it into VINTAGE theme and my choices of colors are
I also consider SILVER GRAY and FUCHSIA


I decided to be me on my wedding, at first I'm a bit hesitant to experiment.
But I said this is a once in a lifetime experience, so I challenge myself to be different.

My final theme is still VINTAGE with BLACK and WHITE  with a touch of FUCHSIA.

To stick with our vintage theme I wanted to have the same theme for our prenuptial photo shoot.

Our first location is at the Philippine Airforce Museum inside the Villamor Airbase and in a vintage theme restaurant in Makati City.
Instead of bringing  the whole team of our official phothographers all the way to Manila from Cabanatuan, we decided to hire a photographer in Makati City.
You can check out our  prenuptial photos in my other post.

Here are of the photos

Here are the wedding details


I designed the color of our invitation based on out theme, black,white and fuchsia pink.

Instead of traditional flowers for the little girls, we decided to give them a dressed up teddy bear.
Which did a great helped for them to avoid having tantrums while or before walking the aisle before me.

Michael and I preferred a pair of very simple yet classic wedding rings because we wanted our marriage to start that way, isn't it sweet?

The Veils
During the ceremony I used a traditional veil 

Then I used a Birdcage Veil and a fascinator at the reception party.

My bouquet is made of Stargazers and orchids.

I wore two sets of wedding gowns from ceremony to the reception.
Instead of extravagant gowns, I decided to wear simple yet timeless designs like A-line and mermaid cut in tube and sweetheart necklines wedding dresses.

To put some colors to my wedding outfit I want a touch of fuchsia pink and I fell in love with this pumps shoes  the moment I saw it.

Even my bearer's wedding pillows and even the candles are well coordinated with black, white and pink.

The entourage bouquets

The Entourage

I want something very unique and fresh plus a theme that is sooooooo personalized.
So I picked zebra pattern print with a touched of black and fuchsia pink for my bridesmaids and flower girls.

Our bridesmaids

The Reception

Thank you so much Heartworks Digital Photography for the wonderful photos!

No matter how happy our wedding was remember that we are only

Thank you for viewing, I hope you like it!





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Anonymous said...

Hi Dear :)
I loved your prenup at Phil. Airforce Museum. May I ask how did you got an permit/approval for the venue for prenup purposes? can you e mail me the details at
thank you so much and God bless your marriage :)

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