Monday, August 01, 2011

Featured Girlfriend *** Serenity ***

This uniquely beautiful lady is my long time good friend since high school.

Why I love her???
Because she's one of my mentor when it comes to beautification plus her beautiful voice will melt anyone's heart. I think Mariah Carey borrowed her voice from this lovely girl. haha! 
Kidding aside,  I love her choices of colors against her olive skin tone and how she didn't overwhelm any outfits with too many accouterments. 

Nickname: Serenity

Country: USA

I am flattered and surprised by her next answer

Fashion Style Icon: BarbieJhaki A.K.A. Jhaki David! (o ha!)

Awwww thanks sis, I share the same sentiment towards you mwahh!

Work/Hobbies/Interest: Citigroup/Shopping/Electronics

Fav Brand/Store: Guess, Forever 21, Wetseal

3 things women should be or have: Be an Independent Woman!! Have MONEY, POWER and INFLUENCE!!!! 'Coz Women Rulez!!!!LoL

What I love about barbiejhaki's blog: fun and original!!!!

ThiNk that's all sis!!!! Thanx! Miss yah!-Serenity

Thank you too Sis! 
Thanks for reading lovelies!



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