Friday, April 29, 2011

***The Royal Wedding ***

Yay! Today is the most awaited day in the Royal world, it's Kate & Prince William's Wedding.
However, for a commoner woman (ehem) like me, yeah...yeah...I'm a princess who also has my handsome & charming prince,but he is not from far...far... away land. Because you might get confused if he's Shrek. haha! 
We'll kidding aside,  it is a dream to have  a Princess like wedding and because of the enormous media coverage we will also have the pleasure to watch and witness the Royal wedding day.

Would you like to have an idea what are the differences between a normal wedding compare to the royal one???

Royal vs. Normal Wedding 

The estimated cost of the Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding is a jaw-dropping $86 million dollars, which is a little scandalous if you consider the fact that 22% of the UK’s population live in low-income households. Anyway, how does the costs compare to the average wedding? Below is an infographic by WePay that illustrates a side-by-side comparison between the costs of the Royal Wedding and a normal wedding. Of course, the prices of the “normal wedding” are based on US prices, which is probably three times the cost of Philippine weddings. Suddenly the Philippines doesn’t look like a bad wedding destination after all.

Here are some of the wedding Trivia:

Below is some fun Royal Wedding trivia.
Kate Middleton is doing her own makeup
Believe it or not, princess-to-be Kate is very skilled with a makeup brush, and will be taking care of her own bridal beauty on the most publicized wedding of the decade. According to news reports, she was unhappy with the makeup done by a professional artist for her engagement portraits, that she washed it off and redid the makeup herself. 
That was a good idea, I also have knowledge in make up/ brush but I would like to look different from my everyday make up on my BIG day. Plus, you will feel more relax and pamper once someone is taking care of your hair & face on that especial event.
The Royal Wedding guest list is a mixed bag
Around 1,900 guests were invited to the Royal Wedding. Aside from parliament members, family, and friends of the couple, the wedding guest list included celebrities like Victoria and David Beckham, Elton John, and Rowan Atkinson. The list gets stranger, however – several ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends were invited to the Abbey ceremony, as well as two controversial dictators, Crown Prince of Bahrain Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa and King Mswati of Swaziland.
No beer allowed in the reception
The reception at Buckingham Palace will not be alcohol-free, but they won’t be serving beer, either. According to a wedding insider, serving beer in the presence of the Queen is highly inappropriate, especially at such a grand occasion.
No meals, only canapes
The Royal Wedding guests are there to be seen, not to be fed. Instead of creating a traditional five-course meal at the Buckingham Palace reception, the chefs will be making 10,000 appetizers, or 15 canapes per guest. The canapes include palace specialties like English sausage rolls, herbed crepes, Cornish pasties, and smoked salmon. These delightful nibbles will be served with wine, champagne, or sparkling lemonade with Epsom salts, another palace specialty.
Kate won’t “obey” Will
You go, Kate! According to news reports, Kate Middleton eliminated the word “obey” from her wedding vows; instead, she will promise to “love, comfort, honor, and keep” her princely husband. The Royal couple decided to leave out “obey” in the wedding vows because after a decade of knowing each other, they treat each other as equals, which is really how all marriages should work.
Super agree! 
Marriage is about partnership, teamwork, love , commitment & respect to each other not SLAVERY!!!

The wedding gown:

Rumors has it, Kate will wear something like the designs from above photo.
According to the insider sources of Huffington Post contributor Yvonne Yorke, an emerging designer named Sophie Cranston from the Libélula label won the bid to design and craft the royal wedding dress. While she maintains the possibility that there will be more than one wedding dress made just in case, it’s highly likely that a Sophie Cranston wedding dress will be worn by the princess-to-be as she makes her vows at Westminster Abbey. And if the Royal Wedding cost infographic is correct, this dress cost $41,000 to make.
For those who are unfamiliar with the designer, Sophie Cranston is a protege of Alexander McQueen, who took her in after she won the Designer of the Year Award in 1999 at London’s Graduate Fashion Week. Together with Alice Temperley, she co-created the label Temperly London in 2000, but left shortly a few years later to pursue her passion for flamenco in Andalusia Spain. There, she became inspired to create her own label Libélula, which is the Spanish word for “dragonfly”. Libélula was established in 2002 and is mostly known for figure-flattering dresses in vibrant prints and feminine details. They have a small bridal line as well.

Wedding vs. Marriage
We are all fascinated with the extravagance of the Royal wedding and some women ( but maybe not all) may dream a grand wedding but not as BIG & ROYAL like the wedding of Kate & Prince William.
However, we still should remember that WEDDING is just a one day fun and excitement event,we should invest and be more prepared on MARRIAGE.
It doesn't matter if you're having a big or small wedding, solemn or extravagant as long as you're getting hitched by the man who will love, respect and be with you no matter what. You will be the most beautiful Princess on that day.
In my case, I want a very solemn yet memorable affair. Only parents, siblings and a couple close friends will attend,neither of us wanted a big wedding and neither of us wanted to go deep into debt to have one either.
The day is special because two people are making their vows before God and man to be one flesh for the rest of their lives. The rest is for decoration. Look at some of the biggest weddings and then look at the relationship after 5,10, 15+ years. Money spent on a wedding doesn't equal the the success of the relationship. Seems so obvious but I said it anyway.
Besides, the wedding day is just the beginning of the marriage, the real fun/challenge is all the days after!
Most of my friends are married now, and the more I've seen of others' weddings, the more I want a very small wedding of my own. Honestly, all that stuff just seems less and less important the older I get. Who cares about fancy flowers, amazing dresses, a fantastic feed? Within a year most of the people who attended will barely remember what color your bridesmaids were wearing. And how often do married couples go through their wedding album together? I'm not saying those things are necessarily unimportant, it just seems like the further you get from the actual wedding day the less important those seemingly life-and-death decisions (at the time) really become. Sure, if you have the money, go for it, but don't go into debt for what amounts to about 4 hours of one day of your life. Put the time and money into the marriage.
Although, I don't see anything wrong with a large wedding if one can afford it (going into heavy debt over a wedding is another issue). We can splurge in some areas (catered dinner reception) and saved in others.
In Prince William and Kate's situation, whether they like it or not it is part of their Royal duty to share that special day to their people. What a lucky couple! 
I wish them happiness and eternal love. <3 <3 <3 


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