Saturday, July 14, 2012

*** Jhaki's 29th: Room & Closet Cleaning Day***

Hi Lovelies,
I missed everyone! I've been busy for the last couple of months because of my husband's homecoming plus work errands.
Last July 4 was my 29th Birthday!
On the other hand, I already celebrated my birthday in advance on our Wedding Anniversary with family and closest friends.
However, instead of throwing another party I decided to clean my room and invited my best friends after wards. You might say it's boring, but it was one of the happiest and most relaxing birthday I ever had. I cooked some snacks and dinner for them.
Check out our photos! ^^

My room is a place for me to get away from all of the daily ruckus. I made sure I made it a place that inspires me constantly and motivates me to step outside of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion. 
I come here to rest, relax, blog, and get ready for my day.

Since my husband is working overseas, I have the privilege to designed and organized our room the way I want. :)

Here's my shoe closet

Book and file shelves

My portraits

 Our wedding day portrait 

Here are some tips to clean and organize your own room:
Be Motivated

Put on an album that you enjoy singing or dancing along with

Open all of your curtains or blinds and, if you would like to, the windows themselves to let in some light and some fresh air.

Sweep out everything from under the bed and dressers

Gather the trash and throw it away

Put everything in your room that you need to put away in a big pile on your bed

Organize any dresser drawers.

Fold or hang your clean clothes, while throwing the dirty ones in the laundry pile

Attack the pile. Put everything in its place

Time for the bed. Strip it bare.

Clean! Brush all dust and cobwebs off the ceiling and floor corners. 

Now take a break.

Stack your books and magazines neatly, even those on the floor

Straighten or organize anything else that needs attention.

Mop or vacuum the floor, if you haven't already.

Spray some air freshener 

Reward yourself when you're done with something you enjoy.

Relax in your clean room.

Here's my 29th Birthday Celebration :)

Thank you so much for viewing!




mitch said...

Oh the glorious shoe rack, soooo so likey! Happy Birthday gorgeous and keep on rocking!

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