Friday, June 08, 2012

*** Golden Grains ***

Last week, we had an amazing family road trip around Nueva Ecija. Our province is definitely known as the Rice Granary of our country.
What I marvel was during post harvest season it was so nice to see bunch of dried raw rice leaves in the rice field, you can only see this on Farmville or barn yards.

On the other hand, the beautiful marshes, very quiet, away from the pollution and noise of the City.
I love the golden yellow rice fields in the lowlands, its rolling hills in monochromatic hues of green and blue.

Nueva Ecija is the largest province in Central Luzon. Endowed with naturally rich soil, agriculture has become the main industry of the Novo Ecijanos, and crops such as rice, onions, corn, vegetables and sugarcane are produced in marketable quantities. The province is acknowledged as the biggest rice producer of Central Luzon and as the main rice-growing province of the Philippines, earning its title, the “Rice Granary of the Philippines.

Top: Beso-Beso
Maxi Pants: GreenHills Shopping Center
Earring: Elaisa Fashion Accessories

My sister also had a wonderful time during our road trip!

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