Saturday, March 10, 2012

*** Nice Girls Love Pearls ***

Hey Lovelies,

As usually required by my job, I was out again for another meeting last week. 
My client and friend suggested that we hold it at Starbucks, Greenbelt.

On the other hand, I insisted my mom to come so that we could do some shopping after my casual meeting. So while waiting, she roamed around her favorite and nearby department store.

Pearl Necklace: A'postrophe
Top: Gift from my Mom
Jeans: Just Ur Size
Heels: Rusty Lopez

After my business commitment, we went to A'postrophe Glorietta, it is right in front of Food Choices (diagonally across from Gourdo's)

Prices are generally lower than Forever 21 or Parfois, but the design of the items are also captivating. Because I seem to be incapable of leaving a mall without a shopping bag in tow, I ended up purchasing some things.

I love their necklaces and pearls, super fab!!!
Pearls are now are more and more popular among women; because almost any beautiful and mysterious piece of pearl jewelry can make a difference; it is more and more attractive. 
These are all the reasons for women love pearls because it functions can be showed in many different ways. 

Plus, what I love about this store is they have a portion where everything is black and white plus Audrey Hepburn images and paraphernalia's.

Me with the best Mom in the entire Universe! ^^ 

 Thank you for viewing!




Lyosha said...

fab-fab! very classy and elegant and now I see your job here (I don't mean blogging, the official job))
tons of compliments to you!

Inside and Outside Blog

Barbie jhaki said...

Thank you so much dear :)

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