Sunday, October 16, 2011

BTS and Rehearsal of Erzullie and Empresario Manila Event

Hello Lovelies, 

We had our initial runway practice yesterday for Empresario Manila event  next month. 
This is my first ever runway project that's why I'm a bit nervous and excited at same time. I also felt the same when we had our shoot for the event's video commercial which will be seen on the event. 
The AVI is about confidence and self acceptance isn't it inspiring? ^_^

It reminded me of the plus size model  Crystal Renn on her transition from anorexic to ‘plus-sized' and healthy she said, “Women have come so far in the past 100 years...but what holds them back is lack of confidence and self-hatred.” Talking about herself at size 0, she said “I was at the lowest level you can be.” “It was only when I accepted myself that I managed to achieve [my goals] in life and work.” 

By the way, my outfit for the day is a Moss green tank top Erzullie's Maxi pants plus and Janilyn wedges.

However, during the practice I had to change to wedge slippers for safety purposes due to my sprained ankle injury.

Well back to the main topic,  I had super fun meeting new friends and working with other plus size models. 
All of them are nice and bubbly just like Erzullie's owner's Aries and Berna  plus my first co-models Marian and Khriselda. 
I met Caroline, Karen, Loren, Kat, Coy and Andrea.
Being part of Erzullie is like you're in a family where you'll meet your long lost sisters  and where you'll share the same experiences and goals as a plus size.

Because of this experience I have a whole new respect for models.  
Seriously.  Anyone who says, “It’s easy, all you do is walk down a runway” has never done it before. 

Needless to say, I was incredibly honored to be asked by Erzullie.  And, although I love posing for pictures and I don’t mind getting up in front of crowds to speak, there’s something about all eyeballs on you, while walking down a runway in heels, praying you don't fall. 
So please help me pray. ^_^
I'll keep you posted and thank you for reading!



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