Thursday, June 02, 2011

Send off party to U.S.A.

Last weekend, I had a super fun night with my best friends.
We had a send off Parteeeeeeeey! 

Yes you’ve read it right, a night out party! It was for one of our girlfriend’s named Serenity. She went home here in the Philippines for a couple of weeks vacation with her family.

I wore something with black ad silver dress with a huge cropped hole on the upper part. I paired it with simple black 3 inches heels and a white furry purse,
Ooopps don’t worry PETA supporters it’s an artificial fur. I won’t support or purchase anything that would hurt the relatives of my lovely pets.

Back to the main topic, Serenity had so much fun as much as all of us had that night. I can’t wait to see her very soon again.

We dance, chill. party and drink margarita!!!

Thank you so much for reading.




vicen said...

Photo URL can say for LOOK 10, if you please, please.
Greetings from Spain

Barbie jhaki said...

I got it, thank u for the award. :)

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